Slaying Giants

You see this guy right here…img_1390

…his name is Red.  And he is, you guessed it, a RED Iguana.  Also. I am aware of how dirty that cage is…it’s on tomorrow’s to do list, because I’m Just. Too. Tired.

We used to have a green iguana. 13906897_10209641471541182_6215376149998156210_n His name was Diggler.  And he was pretty rad.  In fact, sometimes he would join us for dinner.  Iguana’s don’t even eat pizza.  I have no idea what he was doing.  But he sure wasn’t happy that all I left him were crusts.  13876398_10209641470061145_5287139180020372176_nUnfortunately for Diggler, and the rest of us, those badass spikes don’t protect against cats and dogs.  The kids and I came home one day to find him hardly alive with puncture wounds on his head.  His cage door had been broken.  We still don’t know if he escaped, or someone broke in, but the end result was not pretty.  Aaron was most heartbroken, because Diggler was, after all, his iguana.  21458134_10156586330392926_646502584924051818_o (1)

Eventually we were able to get a new iguana.  This time, Aaron chose a red one.  They are supposed to be more mellow. And he’s pretty rad too. But he thinks he can take on our cats.  Like all of them, at the same time.  See that cute picture of him peeking out of his cage, that’s actually him trying to climb out of his cage to play with the cats lined up outside his cage.


And it’s really more than this poor mama heart can take.  What if he gets out…while Aaron is away no less.  And then I’m going to have to call him again to tell him I found his iguana on the loosing end of a fight.  But every day, for the week my husband has been gone already, Red comes down and teases those cats and tries to climb out.  I can’t help but think that his little iguana brain is certain that he can take those cats out.  Because he is a giant slayer.  Seriously, those cats are waaay bigger than he is.  Especially the fat one.

But it keeps me thinking…see, we were created to be giant slayers too.  To look at the enemies crowding around us and pick the fight.  To taunt them knowing that we will destroy them.  One day.  Maybe not right now, but eventually, Red will waaay out weigh these cats.  And a snap of his tail will eventually send a kitty flying across a room.  And I think he knows that.  I think God is calling me, all of us really, to know that we can stand and face our giants too, knowing that someday, eventually, they will fall before us.  Because God has promised that we are more than conquerors.  We are Giant Slayers.  And while we may feel small and incapable of slaying anyone or anything right now, God’s not done with us yet.


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