When it rains…

When it rains it pours. Right? At least that can be said of my life right now. Yesterday I had surgery. Bright and early. Or maybe not so bright. Because I had to be there before the sunrise. Surgery went well. Thank God I only needed one! We knew it was a toss up whether or not he could install the graft because my tibural tunnel had widened.

Leading up to the surgery, we had no water for 36 hours.Because Houston had below freezing temps. And although our pipes were insulated, they just weren’t built for that. Did you know, that the city of Houston essentially shuts down in icy conditions. It’s a city of highways and overpasses and salt trucks aren’t a thing down here. So when we thawed enough to find out that water was spewing all over my backyard, no one was openeust a few minutes after crawling in to bed, my 5yo woke up complaining of a headache and projectile vomited from the top of his bunk bed. Talk about ricochet. It went everywhere. And I was trying to figure out how to clean it up without getting on my hands and knees. Because I can’t actually kneel. Once we got it all cleaned up he went back to sleep for a couple hours before it hit again. And then momma had to clean it up and run him a bath.

A few hours later and my 7yo tells me she feels like she is going to puke. So I got her a glass of water and a pike bowl. And just as I am about to walk out the door to go to surgery, my 5 yo starts puking again. And my 2 yo wakes up and wants me to lay down with him. But I have to go. So my mom takes them downstairs and turns on a movie because those sick kids were not going back to sleep.

Talk about Mom guilt! Leaving a house full of sick children to go and have surgery. They were in, by far, the best hands I could leave them with. My mom is the most excellent person at caring for sick people. And I made sure my sons knew that they were in really good hands with Grandma.

Today the guilt continues as I lay in bed trying to rest post op and the sick kids lay downstairs watching movies. I know I could go down there and watch with them, but that’s so far and I’m so tired. Occasionally they will come up and hang with me for a few minutes and book me on the nose with a pen.

If there is any take away from this weeks chaos (busted baby face from launching himself down the stairs and the 6 hours at the er for it, city shut down from ice, busted pipes, no water, knee surgery) it is that there have been so many people faithful to help us out.

It’s not a thing we’ve really had in our lives. We’ve had friends here and there, but the support we’ve received over the last few weeks since I hurt my knee has been overwhelming.

We moved across the city about 3 months ago and met some of our neighbors right away. This specific family has been so much of a blessing. When my youngest got hurt, they didn’t hesitate to take the rest of the children for an undetermined amount of time. When I couldn’t figure out where the water shut off was, he came over and did it for me. When I had no water, she came over and grabbed all our laundry and washed it for us.

Our church has been there for us in such practical ways. One young lady watched our children throughout my doctors appointments and even came over late to sit with the sleeping kids while Aaron and I were at the er. She took care of our pets the days we were in San Antonio. We had one of our pastors bring me food while Aaron was out of town. It fed us at least 5 different times. Last night someone else from church brought us food and is lining up other meals throughout next week.

Not to mention my mom who cared for my sick children while I was having surgery and sleeping post op. Or all the other friends who have been checking on me. I am overwhelmed by the love being shown us.

Because even in the midst of chaos, people who love Jesus, show Jesus. And this is what being the church is all about. Meeting people’s needs. Right where they are.

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