First day back blues

Today marked our first day back at school, in what seems like forever.img_1647  Maybe it was, perhaps a little too long.  I’m always a little slow to get started when we take a break.  But throwing a major injury to my knee, and my husband being out of town, and then surgery…well admittedly it took me a little longer than usual.

And it was all sunshine and roses…Ha!!!  In fact, when Aaron got home from a meeting I told him it was pure hell while he was gone.  I’d love to sit here and tell you all the wonderful things we did and how happy everyone was. But that’s just not the case.  See I had decided today would be my first day back to getting up with an alarm since I hurt my knee.  And I succeeded!  Hooray…only for both my boys to roll out of bed at the exact same moment my feet hit the floor.  Seriously?  They’d been sleeping an hour later for the past month, but now that I was awake…well so were they.  And hungry.  Why are kids always hungry?

By the time everyone was fed and choreimg_1648s were finished we were an hour behind my “ideal” schedule.  But that was ok with me.  I knew today would be a little rough.  Until my 2 year old started climbing on the table and punching his sister while I was teaching math. That, that one I was not ok with.  (Remember, that kid is always ready to fight.)  I distracted him.  With WordWorld.  Love that show.  And it worked to keep him happy for a while and we had smooth sailing until after lunch when my 5 yo jumped off his bunk bed and hurt himself.  Yay!! But my mother in law sent me flowers.  It brought beauty and joy back to my oh, so weary heart.

Read aloud time, well they colored their pictures, and then my warrior child attacked his oldest sister with some toy-turned-sword and made her cry. img_1649Enter reset button one…hot chocolate!!!  Of which there isn’t enough to go around.  Take a breath, move on.  Azariah proceeds to throw papers all around, attempt to scribble on his sisters work and generally be a pain in everyone’s butt.  I know! A nap…which he refused to take.  The day was finished with Ninjago, because momma couldn’t take anymore. And as I cooked dinner, my sweet husband helped me create a beautiful light pergola on our back porch.  Because I found a way to do it with the materials we had on hand (aka, for FREE!).  And I found my joy again.img_1650

So my big, huge insight from today?  I don’t have one.  Today sucked.  But there were tiny moments in there where I could catch my breath.  Maybe tomorrow will suck less…at least I get to have my stitches removed! Or maybe it will suck more.

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