All the undone things

This morning I realized I disappeared after venting about how rough the first day back at school was. Like maybe the thing ate me whole and pooped me out again. And while there were moments that felt that way, I did survive the first week of school for the new year. I definitely left the non essentials on the back burner…they are simmering for another day. But we had a few beautiful moments that reminded me why we homeschool.

One thing I am working to incorporate into our lives is an afternoon “teatime”. As my kids grow, I envision us all sitting around, with our own quiet activities and quiet conversation, just relishing in each other’s company. Right now it looks like hot chocolate spilled all over the floor while the kids color and listen to whichever read aloud we are currently in.

Last week, in addition to Johnny Appleseed, the kids learned about South America and Simon Bolivar, who led Venezuela to independence (and I knew absolutely nothing about). And now we are reading about Adoniram and Ann Judson who were missionaries in Burma. (Someone else I know nothing about).

But there are so many things that are undone in my daily life right now. My floors are so dirty. I have 2 laundry mountains…a dirty and a clean. Dishes are definitely not all done. Bathrooms…let’s not even go there.  There are things that haven’t been “in their home” for weeks, dishes strewn about, and a general order of chaos that I have accepted as my new norm, at least for a few more weeks.

But I realized this weekend that one thing I am learning to do in this season is to extend extra grace to myself. To not consider myself a failure when I don’t get all my do’s, done. I’m learning to see what I’ve done more and more. And see less and less of what is undone. And to relish in the moments…because it will all be over before I know it.  Besides, toys being shoved in the hole in the couch, definitely isn’t worth getting worked up about. img_1695

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